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OpenAI’s GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) platform has made waves in the realm of natural language processing (NLP) and AI. The original was impressive, GPT-2 was deemed too dangerous to release (originally), and GPT-3 is invite only at present, and locked behind an API at that. I’ve been fascinated by these developments but never really thought much about them until more recently.

Sure, the samples were impressive, but very little felt like it transcended the realm of fancy curation of Markov chain generated content. Some were better than others, but if you run the same randomized generation enough times, you’re bound…

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Supply chain attacks have been in the news time and time again with ConnectWise, SolarWinds, and Kaseya (which was eventually claimed as a zero-day), but they aren’t just a potential breach of source. They’re far more nuanced and abstract (depending on the interpretation). To confound matters, there really isn’t a single, agreed upon definition. A supply chain attack isn’t just an exploit of source, it’s an exploit of the whole pipeline by exploiting a piece of the process which can have staggering ramifications for security down the entire chain.

Technology has infiltrated every facet of a business, from your vendors…

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Inheritance is a fundamental concept in virtually any language which supports object-oriented programming. How inheritance works varies between languages, but virtually all languages with an object-oriented class system support it in some form. While most programming materials will teach you how to use inheritance, they don’t really touch on when it ends up detrimental to coding.

Inheritance is a tool in a programmer’s toolbox just like any other feature of a language. Tools are (typically) neither good nor bad overall, but good or bad at a specific task. Inheritance is one of the first powerful tools given in most OOP…

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Every time I spun up my word processor, I felt a slithering cold crawl up my back as my mind went fuzzy. I wasn’t sick or unwell; I could just feel the game of buzzword bingo was about to begin whether I wanted it to or not. The passion had faded as much as my throughput had. I was running on autopilot by now.

Now, I’ve run on autopilot before, but this was different. I couldn’t get myself back in front of the wheel no matter how hard I tried. It was one thing to zone out while writing about…

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As your infant grows into a toddler, they begin to get interested in what you’re doing and things which require creativity and imagination. Your kid will eventually get tired of dealing with certain games and toys. While I work to continually invent new games, I also need to have some props to back the play or something she can easily take lead on when we hit an impasse.

You need something they can manipulate and something which allows them to express themselves. Puzzles are exciting for the one skill of matching they require but quickly get boring for some kids…

How to find and access quality sources for research.

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One of the most frustrating prospects for writing a scientific article is having the right access to quality sources. A foreign language learner’s blog is fundamentally different than a journal addressing second language acquisition. Google (including Google Scholar) only gets you so far without a more comprehensive toolkit of resources to draw from. Most journals want money for an article, others have a web interface that rivals something spawned from the ARPANET era which even modern search engines struggle to index.

The only real answer if you aren’t attached to a large research firm or a university in some way…

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Chess is the quintessential strategy game taught in the West. Virtually any English speaker can play chess, or at least knows the basics of the game. Supposedly, 70% of adults per a YouGov poll in various Western countries have played chess at some point. But, what if you want the chess experience but don’t want to play international chess?

Chess is largely viewed as a strategic or tactical game since it eliminates elements of chance. It is a fascinating game from a mathematical and theoretical perspective. Orthodox chess isn’t quite a solved game, but a computer can consistently attain a…


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Metadata provides a general description of what is contained in a collection or repository of data which can range from technical specifications such as resolution or color depth for images, what the general contents are for GIS applications (region, lat/longs, etc.), to where and how the data was collected. With the right model, metadata can become the workable data for determining trends. Combining the metadata with the actual contents of the data can provide even more information with the right process.

There are countless examples of metadata, but if you’ve worked with any modern operating system you’ve seen metadata in…

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Staring at a screen all day doesn’t come without its costs. While I really don’t want to stare at a screen all day, it’s a bit hard not to when you work in tech and blog on the side. It takes its toll on your body, both your back and your eyes.

I had serious issues with tension headaches, migraines, and even just an inability to focus before I learned how to reduce my eyestrain. Ideally, you should just let your eyes rest, but depending on your workload or goals, this isn’t always an option. …

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The internet as a global information tool has been in free fall for decades now. It started the second the government understood its information delivery abilities. While Gilmore’s quote that: The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it, has largely rung true, the number of valid routes around are dwindling in some areas. There are still routes to certain areas, but they’ve gotten rarer and harder to navigate.

Some places have censorship to the point a VPN or similar isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity for access, in or out. Others are gated by content being filtered by…

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